LightWire 0.5 Released!

I finally got a couple of hours to port LightWire to using a config file. It adds one extra file to the project (a BaseConfigObject.cfc), but it makes for a much nicer interface for configuration and would make it trivial to add support for ColdSpring XML files for anyone who wanted to write a small script to loop through an XML file and call the appropriate config methods.

I have full support for constructor, setter and mixin injection and properties, and a nice clean programmatic interface in the config files. I think an enterprising person could also quite easily write a script to go through the config struct exposed by the bean calling getConfigStruct() and turning it into a ColdSpring XML file for easy export of programmatically generated config files as static XML files.

I have also written a little test bed which shows the basic operations of LightWire within a sample project along with the latest copy of LightWire. The one core DI thing still missing is support for using your own factories . I've just not had a use for this personally, but as a proof of concept I'll add optional code to the test harness you can use to use Transfer as a factory within LightWire. That should be in some time tonight if I get another hour to drop it in between paying projects.

The only other thing I see missing (other than AOP and remote bean proxies which I *will* be adding my own take on) is autowiring, which I'm just not into at all and so won't be bloating up the framework with all of the necessary introspection code to implement a solution that I just don't think is a good approach.

Oh, and there is one BIG thing that LightWire is SHAMELESSLY MISSING. It is the perfect kind of project for unit testing and it DOESN'T HAVE ANY TESTS :-< I've read the books, I've downloaded the framework, I understand the benefits, but somehow I'm just still not quite test infected. If any kind soul would be willing to contribute a couple of sample tests to show how they'd go about adding unit tests to this it'd be much appreciated :->

Check out the files in the Subversion repository at Latest version is under trunk/LightWire0.5. Or you can download the enclosed zip file below (click on "download").

Aaron Roberson's Gravatar Glad to see the new release Peter!

My task today is to stream some Flash Video on one of our websites and to update LightWire and test it with objectBreeze on another website. I hope all goes well!
# Posted By Aaron Roberson | 3/12/07 12:24 PM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Hi Aaron,

Sounds cool. Just let me know if you run into any problems at all!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 3/12/07 12:36 PM
Aaron Roberson's Gravatar I almost forgot to tell you that I really like lw 0.5! The config setup is much, much cleaner and the added support for object factories is cool (though I don't find that I need it except for Transfer).

I am running into some problems with objectBreeze, all of which should be resolved in a month or so when v2.0 is released. I hope you can find some time somewhere to work on LightORM!
# Posted By Aaron Roberson | 3/16/07 12:08 PM
Peter Bell's Gravatar Hi Aaron,

Glad you're enjoying!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 3/16/07 12:39 PM
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